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What is QUARTZ?

Engineered-stone QUARTZ has become the fastest growing and most popular choice between clients. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on earth a man-made engineered stone countertops formed by combining 90% ground quartz (a natural hard mineral) with 8-10% resins, polymers, and pigments.

Quartz is non-porous and stain-resistant; two characteristics which make stand out against its competitors granite, marble and concrete. It can tolerate juice, oil, wine, tomato, coffee and other sources of stains in the kitchen. The high ratio of quartz powder with low percentage of resin brings this engineered stone a high density in its microstructure and gets the surface a remarkable resistance of stain and scratch.

Pure quartz is combined with pigments and resins to create slabs that are non-porous, strong, and rival the beauty of quarry stones. It is one of the hardest minerals in the world allowing long lasting beauty. With the ability to have pattern variation in different size, shape, and shade are inherent and unique characteristics can be expected with quartz surfaces.

At Mahan Counter Top Ltd. our Quartz selection comes from industries foremost brands including Caesarstone, Silestone, Vicostone, Cambria and more. We also have the generic line of Quartz which are much more price friendly yet still meeting industry quality and standards.

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